Hostel Facility

Hostel accommodation cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Admission to the hostels is made against the available vacant seats. All selected students who need hostel accommodation will be required to apply in the prescribed application form obtainable from the School Office.
The School has two hostels (one for boys and one for girls), which provide excellent hostel accommodation for a limited number of bonafide full-time students of the school who pay the required fees regularly. Boys hostel have a total accommodation of 80 students while the girls hostel has an accommodation of 120 students. Each hostel has its live-in Superintendent, wardens, who administer the hostels.

Apart from hygienic foods, hostels provide recreational facilities that include 24 x 7 uninterrupted power supply, hygienic drinking water and good study atmosphere. While in the hostel, the students are responsible for the up keeping of rooms, furnishing and fixtures. In order to regulate community living in the hostel, certain rules have been framed for guidance of the students. All inmates of the hostels have to observe prescribed rules. There are some special rules for the girls’ hostel. The School authority may ask any inmate to vacate the hostel, if he/she is found indulged in any activity unbecoming of a student or violate the Hostel rules.